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High-Quality Floor Sanding & Floor Refinishing 

Cut costs and time with professional floor sanding and refinishing services from Crown Flooring in Nova Scotia. Our craftsmanship can make your old floors look brand new.

Not all floors need to be sanded. Some can be lightly buffed and coated to bring them back to life. 

Even a high-quailty wood floor starts looking scuffed-up enough that it needs to be sanded and refinished. We're here to make your old floor look really good without completely tearing out and replacing your floor.

You'll save time and money by re-finishing every 10-15 years, rather than replacing a whole floor. With Crown Flooring, there's no set price for any service; we provide an individual, close estimate for each job.

Proudly Crown Flooring is able to provide Chemcraft unique stain application. You pick out any color and Gary can apply it! This very unique and difficult product for floors is no challenge to Gary!

We use the finishes that work best with your specific flooring, including sheen, satin or gloss finishes. All the finishes are nearly scent free. and most people are able to stay in their home while we complete the work. We can finish an entire average-sized home in a couple days, and are available to return for touch ups. 

Contact Crown Flooring for the kind of flooring services that save you money while making your floors beautiful.

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